main artwork area of sci fest artwork

Sci Fest 2016 Artwork


We created artwork as well as the design for marketing material for this year’s Sci Fest Yorkshire.

Hosted by University of Huddersfield and Kirklees Council, Sci Fest Yorkshire is a science fiction and literature festival held across multiple venues.  They needed bespoke artwork that was unique to the festival and sparked the imagination. The illustration itself made links with what is familiar for viewers to grab hold of. Cues to an urban environment were made prominent but were given exaggerated features lending a science fiction story feel.

The combined illustration and design allows them to better promote the events for this year’s festival.

full length sunset city artwork

poster for sci fest 2016

1st crop close up of artwork

2nd crop close up of artwork

3rd crop close up of artwork

4th crop close up of artwork

Sci Fest testimonial