Immersive Experience

Creating a hospitality operation for guests who will love the immersive experience you’ve meticulously crafted comes with many obstacles.

Scattered brand messaging can leave potential guests bewildered and uncertain.
Aligning all lodge operations with your new brand may seem overwhelming, with numerous moving parts and decisions to make.
Defining a clear brand identity can be frustrating and you may wonder where to even begin.

Opening a hospitality operation in a natural setting is a calling, one that can be hindered by the complexities that arise during the development of your unique destination. Creating a cohesive brand that consistently speaks to your guests doesn’t have to be one of them.


Leave a lasting legacy that not only showcases the breathtaking beauty of nature but also guides people on how to reconnect with it.

Uncover your mission and display it in a way that is consistent and captivating. Communicate your core values, immerse your guests in an unforgettable experience that resonates with their hearts.

By weaving your vision seamlessly into their desires, you can create a connection that starts long before arrival.

Mike Munt


I’m Mike.

I know what it can be like to not know where to start in communicating your vision. And sharing the mission behind your destination development has its own particular needs.

There is a way to bring it all together into a brand that allows you confidently express why you do what you do to a relevant audience.

I started by helping industry leaders Under Canvas. I have since helped other enterprises in this arena to shape their brand and communicate the spirit of nature in what they do powerfully and consistently.


Brand Crafting

Go deep on your why so that values and mission are ready to be shared across all media to guests and stakeholders From defining your ideal guests through to what the on site signage should look like we can create the whole picture.


Define Audience For Content

Benefit from the clarity of knowing who your ideal guests and customers are to knowing what to say to them.



Building consistent communication into an existing operation can increase ADR (Average Daily Rate). Creating a harmonious visual and written tone of language across all your touchpoints will grow the audience right for your operation.

What My Clients Have Said

“Apogii has crafted unique and impactful visuals which have served as a cornerstone of our brand identity. As the Under Canvas brand continues to grow and evolve, we know we can count on Apogii’s creativity to support and reflect that evolution visually. We constantly reference the work Apogii has created for us in the past when moving forward with new decisions around visual communication.”
Sasha Dingle, Director of Communications, Under Canvas Group

Who I Have Worked With

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