A moment in time and space

Point: pen, creativity, purpose Moment: velocity, trajectory, alignment

We love beauty. We love creativity, that ever-ongoing fountain of new ideas, aesthetics and things to marvel at. That essence found in both nature and action. Rolling landscapes, the stars in their swirling formations and redeeming lost causes. Taking that which seems hopeless and setting it as a new cornerstone. Creating and re-molding. The process itself is beautiful.
There is virtue in people’s ideas, dreams and aspirations. Our purpose is to bring out the ideal through the creative process.

Through the images that we make, stories and ideas can be brought into existence. Creating visual identities with our clients, we bring out the true face of their organisation.
Businesses and other bodies that we partner with have their core reason for existence effectively communicated. And collaborating with publishers and authors, we express the heart of stories with illustration for book publication. We work alongside creative agencies in taking projects further visually through image-making. Also our concept art for entertainment allows us to feed into the creative vision for new titles.