Hope breaks through

Apogii Hope Response

I genuinely hope that all those reading this are well.

You won’t need me to tell you that we live in times that we have never seen before. International pandemic means things are far from business as usual. This requires something new, something different from all of us in response.

I’m proud and hopeful to see so many battles being tackled by public servants and industry. From the medical profession stepping up in such a big way to industries repurposing their services to serve new needs, so many are doing so much. We are looking to contribute in our own small way.

How We are Responding

Collaborating in the creative digital sphere in support of businesses. It would be understandable to want to hold off spending in a time of crisis. Many industries are on hold for now. So we are teaming up with other service providers to offer packages of support to organisations. More to come on this when plans are finalised.

Reducing rates to help businesses keep communicating visually to their audience. It may be that you need to change the tone of your social media images at this time or you are thinking ahead to how your brand looks in the post-virus world. We want to make that as easy to do right now.

Offering assistance to government and international bodies to aid in their visual communications efforts. Both the British government and the United Nations have called on industry to help and we are looking at what we can do specifically.

Creating as much hopeful, fun visual work as possible. Where projects permit, we’ll be on the themes of hope and breakthrough. Imagination is a powerful tool, much in need.

Listening to you. This is where you come in. How can we best help you at this time? What would you like to see offered?

Why Now?

There is a pandemic on right now. So why are we talking about visual communication?

Continuity of presence. Keep being right in front of your audience and contacts.

Preparing for the return of “normal”, whatever that looks like. You can be working in that space right now.

Winning by not letting crisis defeat you. Be proactive in your outlook. Stand in the place of hope. What does that look like for you?

Do something different. When everyone says we are heading south, why not go north? Be different from the crowd and stand out. Maybe now is the time for new thinking.

As I mentioned before, we have never seen a time like this in living memory. Each of us have a choice in how we respond.

If there is something we can do to help you, then please do get in touch.

Stay safe and keep prospering! Mike.

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