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So 2017 – Making a Brilliant New Year

Welcome to your future.

And it is so 2017.

Christmas is complete: jumpers and decorations are now put away for the end of this year. Work is now gathering pace, plans have been made and goals set for the year.

This time I thought I would share some of the more interesting things in the pipeline.


As ever, we’re looking forwards to upcoming projects. These include new visual identities for some existing brands plus supporting design and illustration for new or current clients.


There are some amazing collaborations taking place this year that we’re really looking forward to including artworks for a new fashion brand and artwork creation from photographers images. Working with photographers is a great experience as they have an innate understanding of the visual field and can provide excellent base material to illustrate with. These images are usually for further communicating an idea behind a product or service. See our collaboration with McFade to see what we mean. Get in touch if you know of photographers who may be interested in working with us.


New to us this year is working on a rolling or “retainer” basis with some clients. This gives us the ability to plan ahead which is of value to us as we can see where we are going and what we are likely to be doing. As such rates can be made favourable for the purchase of blocks of our time. This may be of particular use to creative or marketing agencies who can use our illustration and design expertise to support their work. Back end of 2016 saw us reaching out to agencies with our popular boxed artworks to make contact, something we will continue with this year.

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If this way of working sounds interesting get in touch to talk about how it can work for you or someone you know.


Development of skills is always important to us and this year will be no different. 2016 saw a shift in ability in the 3D realm which has massively impacted our output in quality and variety (see last post for more info). This year we’re looking to add and refine these and other digital visual skills (practise makes better). Also we’ll be updating our knowledge of creative theory to assist in our understanding of how to make rapid but informed decisions.


Nothing happens without the people around us and here we aim to maintain the valued relationships established and continue reaching out to others we believe we can serve.

This is us for now: it’s so 2017.

From us here at Apogii we hope that you have had a very happy Christmas and have the best 2017 possible.

What are your hopes, goals and ideas for the year?

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