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Bedrocks for 2018

Another year has passed in what official records show was it’s fastest rate ever. Now it is 2018. Much as many businesses do, at the turn of each year we make plans for what we want the next year to look like. However more important than plans and goals are the reasons why we do things.

Our why becomes our foundation or bedrock for the plans to follow.

Here are some of our bedrocks for 2018:

Art as habit – We described before about how we use play to teach us to be prepared and this year we aim to be less ad-hoc about how and when we practise art and design. Being more deliberate will accelerate our development faster. Focal points for this activity are self-initiated projects that will teach and refine a range of skills as well as simply expressing the things we love. Progress in this area will be shown throughout the year – look out for more to come in our social feeds this year.

Integral rest – As motivated as we are by the work we get to do, last year gave us experience in why it is good to rest. Long periods of busyness played a part in a decrease in health. Regular breaks will help us keep to the body’s natural rhythms which will allow us to be more focussed and increase health.

Show more – With all the work completed in 2017 we have to admit that we are very behind in showing what we have done. We simply have to make time to add to the Apogii portfolio! This will be brought into the regular schedule and we’ll be playing with different ways of showing works done. I have said it now – we have to do it!

Challenging ourselves – Whilst there is plenty we’re happy to retain from previous years, change is necessary to development. We get stuck in old habits and do things simply because that is the way we have always done them. A new habit we’re cultivating this year is continual review and challenging ourselves – why do it this way? Changing old modes of thinking will allow more freedom to creativity and efficiency as time goes on.

For sure there are the usual goals being set and things being scheduled but these are the bedrocks which will guide us through this year. We wish you the very best in 2018

What goals are you setting for 2018 and how to you decide what your bedrocks are?

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