Apogii Launch

Welcome to Apogii

As of September 28th 2015 Apogii is the new brand for our creative agency, specialising in image-making and visual identities.




Our journey to the launch-pad 

We started four years ago operating under the name Mike Designs. We have loved doing the creative works this enabled us. But we increasingly found that we needed to better represent our clients and what we were about. Talking with our peers, friends, business contacts and clients to see what they had to tell us. They revealed a disconnect between our ethos of excellence, the highest visual standards and with our name and brand. Asking the question: “should we change our name?” met with a resounding “yes”.


Why the name

The name apogii is derived from the word apogee which is a term used in astronomy to describe the point in the orbit of a celestial body, such as the moon or a satellite at which it is farthest from the earth. The term helpfully draws together ideas that came out of our envisioning process. An idea included from the process is pinnacle or highest point of creativity. This is the idea that we are always pushing upwards for that hidden gem in the creative process.



The observant will notice that our name “Apogii” is not the same as the spelling of the scientific word “apogee”. The word Apogii is of course that little more unique, an important factor when considering a brand name. More than that, the word lends itself visually to the idea of separate bodies being brought together. This coalescing represents a number of factors being held in delicate balance, like in the celestial ballet that is orbital mechanics. These factors are held in tension and comprise of Art, Practicality, Observation, Imagination and Illumination.


Naming with purpose

Our reason for existence is to show beauty and creativity in action.

In generosity: To serve well, aiming at what a client needs, desires and understands. To give something unique to them.

In leadership: To lead the client through as smooth as process as possible, with good plans and communication.

In application: To combine inventiveness with a client’s ideas allowing us to conceive images and identities that manifest their dreams.



  • Mark Evans

    Well done all, good luck with the new plans 🙂

  • Mike

    Hi Mark.
    Thank you! See you soon.

  • Oliver

    Good luck going forward Mike.

  • Mike

    Thank you Oliver!
    Well done to you guys as well – While your work was always excellent, I see that you guys have really improved your offering and presentation this year.

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